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Auto Repair Services

At Tico’s, we’re committed to providing our customers with professional auto repair with honesty, quality, and value.

Brake Repair

Over 30,000 parts in a contemporary automobile and your brakes are still arguably the single most important system in your entire vehicle. Some much hinges on their performance. The ability to execute a smooth, controlled stop is more beneficial to your safety than even the seat belts and airbags. That’s why it’s so imperative that the person servicing your brakes knows what they’re doing. Rest assured, Tico’s honest and knowledgeable mechanics have the expertise to put you back in the driver’s seat. Serving Logan Square, Humboldt Park, and the broader northside since 1985—our sterling reputation has always depended on it!

Auto Springs & Suspensions

Most people don’t give much thought to their springs or suspension (i.e., shocks or struts) until something goes wrong. Don’t be like most people. Stop in to Tico’s for a full tune-up—get the go-ahead and know that you’re road-ready. Get fixed up if you’re not. Remember, people sometimes mistakenly assume suspension is about providing comfort or “a smooth ride.” However, subpar suspension can actually hinder your ability to control your vehicle, especially when stopping or turning. Come by Tico’s at Kedzie and Diversey and get road-ready!


Avoid costly and avoidable repairs, and bring your vehicle by Tico’s for a full tune-up. If our initial diagnosis calls for transmission service, you can be sure it’ll be done right. If your problems can be solved with a fluid change, on the other hand, you’ll know it at Tico’s. Our mechanics are knowledgeable as well as honest. If your transmission does need work, you can be sure it will be done correctly. Before we send you on your way, your fluids will be refilled to the fullest along with any external adjustments, which will be made as needed. Let Tico’s get you road-ready!

Tire Services

When was the last time you pulled into a full-service gas station and had the attendant check your tire pressure while the gas tank was filling? Probably several decades ago. Besides that, there are worse things. In the city of Chicago, there are potholes, nails, screws, broken glass, and countless other items that can puncture a tire. Hence our reason for emphasizing a well-trusted professional! Leave it to the trusted, knowledgeable mechanics at Tico’s and gain peace of mind. Your family’s safety is worth the visit!

Tire Dealers

With over three decades of experience, Tico’s carries affordable, high-performance tires for every season. Get security on slippery and snowy roads, plus improved tread life, a necessity on Chicago roads! Minimize tire damage and stop into Tico’s, serving Logan Square, Humboldt Park, and the broader northside since 1985.


Tico’s is well-equipped with cutting-edge technologies to guarantee you’ll pass the emissions test. We continuously train our technicians with the latest repair and service techniques, and we offer honest customer care to every person who walks through our doors. Don’t let stress act as a deterrent. Bring your vehicle into Tico’s and get clearance. We’ll diagnose the problem, and have you on your way in no time.